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Free Internet Business Start-up Resources

5 Free Online Marketing Courses

Your work as a business owner doesn’t stop after conceptualizing and establishing the business. You have to spend time marketing the new business and bringing in new customers. While these tasks can be daunting, if you are new in the field, it helps if you can form an idea about the world of internet marketing through some online course.

Given below are some of the best five online marketing courses that you can avail for a nominal amount or even free of cost.

1. Google’s Online Marketing Challenge

Google is the obviously the best place to learn everything about online marketing. They have the best lifetime web hosting course. Google has the best digital marketing course that includes numerous video tutorials. You can gain knowledge about AdWorks, social networks, SEM, and mobile strategy from Google’s marketing courses.

2. CopyBlogger Marketing Email Course

CopyBlogger has a great email marketing course that includes 20 installments. The CopyBlogger course will give you a comprehensive idea about copywriting, keyword research, SEO, content marketing, and other aspects related to internet marketing. CopyBlogger has the best email marketing platforms, and they send across the course material via email so that you can read through them at your own pace.

3. Coursera

Coursera is one of the leading website that offers online courses on a plethora of topics. Be it the course how to set up graphic design deal websites or how to use the best WordPress themes clubs, you can take your pick from Coursera. The courses are often free unless you want to avail a certificate for the same. The modules are well placed and are easy to understand. Coursera offers customized courses depending on your area of interest.


DS106 offers some of the best courses on Digital Storytelling and Social Media. You can take these courses and learn more about social networking and how you can use your skills to market your business on the same platform. Their courses give you a better understanding of how to make better use of social media to increase the customer base.

5. edX

edX is another website that offers free online courses on internet marketing. They have two courses, Entrepreneurship 101 and The Analytics Edge. The first course focuses on mobile apps, electronics, and 3D printing. The second one gives you knowledge about the power of data, and you can use the skill to get an analytical edge in your business.

Be it information on the best WordPress landing page plugins or the best affiliate marketing training courses; there are multiple online courses that you can learn from. These courses help you avoid classrooms so that you can study during your convenient time without hampering your work and also learn from them and grow in your business. Try out these five websites for their excellent online marketing courses and get a better idea about the workings of your business. When you know the nitty-gritty of the business world, you are better equipped to plan.